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Maid of Honor Duties

As the Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor, you have one of the most  important roles in making sure the bride's and groom's wedding is a  success. Many times the groom will not help out as much as the bride  would like which is why your role is so important! Below we have listed some of the top maid of honor duties on the wedding day to make the process more manageable and creative:

Wedding Day

Make sure the bride arrives to the ceremony and that she has everything on the Maid of Honor Checklist that we have created to make your life easier.

Assist the bride in getting into her dress and makeup

Be the messenger if the bride wants to communicate messages to the family or groom so you are always up on what is going on.

Visit the reception room and party room (if possible) to make sure there are no problems or issues. It is much better to be proactive.

Help make sure the bride has privacy if she needs some quiet time before the ceremony.

Be the witness in the signing of the marriage license which is an honor!

Help the bride with her veil and train (if she has one). I have seen many weddings where brides have tripped on their train which takes away from her experience for a moment.

Be your friend's "right-hand-woman" at the altar. She may be very nervous and you can be the calming source with your presence.

Keeper of the brides bouquet during the ceremony. Make sure you have a free hand.

Keeper of the groom's ring. It is your task to also make sure the groom's ring is in your possession at all times until you give the ring over to the bride!

Make a toast and/or speech during the wedding party since it is tradition and most people love hearing these friendship stories!

Last, but not least, provide moral support and be a great listener throughout the process since it is a very wonderful and "positively" stressful time for your friend. You can really make the difference!

Maid of Honor Duties - Pre Wedding Day

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