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Sample Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

"Today, we meet to celebrate two very special people (slight pause) - Cindy and me. (Laughter, hook a thumb at Mark and say "Mark, too," coyly).  (Laughter)

For those of you who don't know me, I am Mary, Cindy's honored (emphasize 'honored,' perhaps even putting a hand to your breast to insinuate that it is you who is honored) Maid of Honor. And, for those of you who do know me - (show palms to audience, as if holding them back, lift chin a little bit and say) –
hold tight.  (Laughter)

Cindy has been my best friend for over six years now (replace with how long  you've known Bride) and I couldn't ask for anything more in a friend than what Cindy's loving personality naturally provides.

Beautiful, smart, ambitious, generous, driven, and loving are just the tip of  the iceberg for Cindy. She is extremely organized and a wonderful leader.

Cindy is focused and stable. This is the Cindy I love, the one I know the best.   The one that no matter what happens in life I can turn to for support and understand, for an open ear or a shoulder to cry on. She'll always be there for me and I'll always be here for her. I love her as a sister.

This helped out, because we were college roommates for three years, and we swam together on our University team for four years (replace with where you spent most valued time with Bride).

She has been with me through good times and bad. We have danced on tables, swum countless miles, shopped, gossiped, laughed and cried together. She is an amazing listener and a wonderful friend to gossip with!

They met at work, Mark and Cindy. Shortly after graduating from UC Davis and joining Stryker, Mark and Cindy met (replace with where or how the couple met).  Fireworks never erupted in the sky above them and an electric charge never paralyzed them - but they immediately were attracted. They found a balance in each other that attracted them stronger than the strongest sexual desire ever could have. (But she did say he was really cute, too!)


Mark was in the Navy for four years before coming to Stryker (replace with Groom's background). He also coaches Lacrosse at Stanford - not because he has to, but because he loves the sport of it (replace with Groom's hobby). Mark is smart, generous, athletic, and has a great sense of humor - which is good
because one needs it to fully appreciate Cindy's party side!

And tonight, my best friend, my college roommate, my swimming buddy, and my party buddy - namely, Cindy - gets married.

You know, Cindy may be loving, dependable, a "go getter" and a caring friend –  but watch out for her wild side! I'll spare you the details, as some things should always remain just between the girls, but here's the low-down:

We've danced on desks and tables, spent birthdays with just the two of us, alone, and, perhaps, the wildest moment of them all - when we passed up partying to lay around and read trashy romance novels!


Mark, you better take care of her - she means the world to me. Keep her happy, make her laugh.

Love her, always and forever. Enjoy the good and the bad, and be happy that you two will always have each other close by.

I have never seen Cindy so happy as when she is with you. Mark, you are handsome and generous with your love for Cindy, and I could ask for nothing more.

Cindy is the best friend anyone could hope for, and Mark is a fine man.

I hope that God will bless them all the days of their lives and that those days will be spent in perfect happiness together. To Cindy and Mark (raise your  glass): "May you joy last forever."

(Clapping, tears, curtains close, you make take a seat)

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