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Maid of Honor Checklist

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Checklist for the Maid of Honor

It's your sworn duty. The most essential job that you have as Maid of Honor is to keep organized and have a list of items and tasks that should be checked off to make sure nothing is forgotten on the big day! We have created a list below to help out. Also see our list for a Wedding Day Survival Kit that you can get together for the Bride in advance.  (Some of the items are repeated here.) Here are some things you'll need to have:




      Undergarments for the wedding dress



      Jewelry for the Bride and yourself

      Groom's Ring

      Wedding Dress shoes and a casual pair for later

      Bobby Pins (to secure the veil)

      Needle, thread (white and color of bridesmaid dresses), and scissors

      Pantyhose/Nylons (2 or more pairs)

      Change of clothing for later

      Flowers (unless brought by the florist)

      Phone list of the vendors

      Checks for vendors' final payments (if needed)

      Cell phone (don't forget to charge the battery!)


      Schedule of events

      Extra money (in case of emergency)

      A friend to stand by in case of car trouble

      Any prescription medication the bride or groom may need

      Plane tickets and luggage (if the newlyweds are leaving for their honeymoon right after the wedding)

      Contact solution/rewetting drops or glasses

      Breath mints (not gum)

      Your speech

      2 garters (1 to keep and 1 to toss)


Maid of Honor Duties - Pre Wedding Day
Maid of Honor Duties - Wedding Day
Maid of Honor Survival Kit
Sample Maid of Honor Speech

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